Classical Chinese Medicine


Classical Chinese Medicine is a multi-dimensional, age-old science and art that offers support and addresses many medical issues.

It’s a kind of medicine that is complementary to biomedicine and naturopathic medicine. Classical Chinese Medicine sees the body and mind as a fluid, ever-changing system with all its parts connected to one another. Although Americans generally perceive Chinese medicine as simply acupuncture, Classical Chinese Medicine uses a variety of modalities to treat patients. A Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner uses moxibustion and expansive herbal knowledge and acupuncture.

Classical Chinese Medicine is rooted in an ancient tradition that has evolved over the past two thousand years, whereas Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was created in the mid-20th century in China. TCM has standardized therapies based on the symptoms, which is beneficial for doing studies to prove efficacy. However, Classical Chinese Medicine may potentially be more useful in practice since it respects the complex, individualized nature of each patient and seeks to identify the root cause of the symptoms.

Michael Givens does herbal consultations at Anatara Medicine. Michael will begin by reviewing your medical history and asking you a variety of questions to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms and providing you lifestyle recommendations so that you can take an active role in improving your health; with that information, Michael will take your pulse, which lasts about 3-5 minutes. Michael will review your consultation and findings with the other practitioners, and by the end of your appointment, he will prescribe you an individualized herbal formula.

Although Michael is a licensed acupuncturist, he does not practice acupuncture at Anatara. Typically, Chinese medicine practitioners rely mostly on herbs.

Michael specializes in supporting cancer patients and takes a special interest in Lyme disease as well as auto-immune disorders.

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Classical Chinese Medicine

Michael’s unique background in both classical Eastern literature and philosophy (MA, St. John’s College) and classical Chinese medicine (MSOM, National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) allows him to unite theory with practice. He works from a philosophical perspective of archetype and constitution that is based upon a deep understanding of physical, physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual processes. His training also includes intensive clinical study and practice with the most venerated teachers of classical Chinese medicine (CCM).

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, please visit Radiant Heart Center for Wholeness.

Patient Testimonials

“I liked how personal your services were from Michael Givens himself to the administrators. I felt like I was truly being cared for.”

“Total individualization and attention from the time I enter the door.”

“I saw one of world’s foremost acupuncturists at Anatara. In addition to their seasoned staff, they have incredible visiting master practitioners.”

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