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“Christina has been an invaluable part of my treatment here at Anatara Medicine. Her massage skills and, for me in particular, her excellent knowledge of the lymphatic system which plays such a major part in healing and ongoing health has, I know, had a positive impact on my overall treatment plan. She is personable, warm, caring, very knowledgeable and shares what she has learned through years of practice helping each patient at time of treatment as well as moving forward to improved health.

With deepest appreciation, thank you Christina.
Lynne McNeill

“Where other doctors and medical centers had failed, Dr. Herskowitz succeeded in diagnosing and treating my Chronic Lyme Disease. He is a gifted doctor who was unafraid of taking on my challenging case, knowledgeable about myriad conventional and unconventional treatments, confident enough to work with doctors and caregivers outside of his practice, and willing to provide personalized care until I was back on two feet and living my life. To anyone suffering from neurological or auto-immune symptoms from Lyme or another disease, there is hope for recovery at Anatara Medicine.

Many thanks,”

“I can’t tell you how grateful we are to have found Dr. Herskowitz and his team. Honestly he has to be one of the most caring and compassionate individuals I’ve ever met. Thankfully he’s also a brilliant doctor. His kindness, and professionalism is felt throughout the entire staff, from Drs. Wilson and Givens, to the nurses, to the front desk, and the entire Team.

Obviously I would rather be doing other things than trying to heal my body but I feel extremely blessed to found you folks. My family and I wish you all the best.”

“Dear Anatara, your warm and kind words really give me strength. I am here today because I met all the amazing Team at Anatara – Dr. Herskowitz and the entire Team. I receive so much love from all of you.”

“Hi Dr. Herskowitz, Dr. Wilson, Carmen, Christina, Sabrina, Kaynaz, Kelly, Karen, KB, Pam
My heartfelt thanks to all of you at Anatara! You all made me feel so welcome and did so many things to make sure I was comfortable, feeling no pain and well cared for. I really looked forward to my visits and am going to miss all of you. Thanks for the excellent lunch today…. totally unexpected… and the little ozone presents… and the card!
Sorry about wearing out the PEMF machine! My hamstring is about entirely healed!”

James S.

“Christina is very good, she received her training and knowledge in Canada, and her protocols and understanding of anatomy and lymphatic tissue is remarkable. She knows how to stimulate and move the fluids, and her experience speaks volumes. I highly recommend her, and thank her, she has helped me, where others were unable. Whenever I am at Anatara, I always request her therapy.”
Dr. Irina Barkan, M.D., Ph.D.

“You are the most efficient staff and office I have ever met.”
Karen A.

“All my life I have been very active in all sports from moderate to what might be considered extreme. I came to Anatara with spinal stenosis, in a great deal of lower back pain and was very depressed. My ability to do simple, physical things was severely compromised.

I knew the moment that I walked through the doors of Anatara clinic that I found what I had been looking for! I met with Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz, after he reviewed my medical, family and genetic history, he carefully examined me and recommended Ozone treatments.

My pain and depression disappeared by 90% after only a few treatments – there was no pain, no drugs, no surgery, and no bad side effects! Just ozone delivered by “state of the art” multi-pass ozone therapy.

Dr. Herskowitz is a pathologist, internist, cardiologist, and immunologist, and therefore, his patients benefit from his wide range of knowledge and experience – he is one of a kind, and a modern maverick.

The quality of care from Dr. Herskowitz and his entire staff, and last but not least, his nursing staff are stellar, highly skilled and compassionate.”

Thank you,

Ricci C.

“Dear Dr. Bonnist,

Thanks very much for your help and advice over the past year, including your consultation yesterday and introduction to Dr. Wilson. Your advice, my changes in diet and supplements, and the therapy I got last summer seems to have made a big difference the overall improvement of my health and autoimmune condition.

Thanks again and wishing you the best in your life and work going forward back in Connecticut.
Warm regards,”

“Upon our arrival at Anatara Medicine, my husband and I knew we were at the right place for me to receive cancer treatment. The team was professional, compassionate and respectful in all ways to my requirements medically and our needs personally.

We were welcomed each and every day in a positive way that could do nothing but boost my outlook and attitude towards my health situation.

I underwent two phases of IPT therapy along with ozone sauna sessions, numerous IV therapies, PEMF therapy, Sound of Soul therapy and a consultation with a Classic Chinese Medicine specialist. Since my arrival at Anatara in February 2016, I believe that the blend of all of these treatments has resulted in a 95% decrease in tumor markers as of April 2016.

We would recommend Anatara Medicine to anyone searching for an alternative method of treatment to their health concern.

Sincerely and with Gratitude,

P. and B. MacDonald

“Dr. Herskowitz and all the folks at Anatara medicine were instrumental in saving my life.  I suffered from acute chronic illnesses for quite a long time and after finding this clinic, I finally started to improve and now have my life back.  In fact, I am enjoying life again. Dr. Herskowitz has been on the cutting edge of healing therapies for decades. Ironically, many of these therapies are standard practices in many other countries more advanced than our health care system.  When facing chronic illness or better yet for preventative care, I highly recommend this clinic.  Especially come for an opinion before taking on any radical western treatments. There may be a better and/or complementary way.”

Mark M.

“The PEMF (Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy) really did a job on me at a critical time… and it was wonderful. I found it very effective.”

Virginia L.

“What a difference the right kind of healthcare makes. When I was first diagnosed with lymphoma at the end of 2013 I started in the mainstream medical establishment. When I went to see my oncologists I felt as if they wanted to decide things for me and often in a way that was quite unpleasant and even scary. I began to look for options better suited to my needs and after two years of searching I found Anatara. It was like touching down on a piece of heaven. Here I was met with care and respect from all the staff – at the front desk, nurses, doctors and management.

They all truly work as a team and their warmth makes me look forward to each appointment. Dr Herskowitz who is the founder of the clinic has an in-depth physiological knowledge and understanding of different diseases that I have never encountered before in my life. Usually one would have to go to a few different doctors to even begin to get the same well rounded information that Dr Herskowitz offers. His treatments are a combination of standard medical procedures combined with well studied natural and alternative treatments, and to that he adds his own wisdom of human nature. The compassionate and loving care that I have received at Anatara stands far out from the impersonal practices that I have experienced in traditional western healthcare, where I was simply one in a long line of patients. My latest oncologist was able to see me no more than 10 minutes at my last couple of appointments, and really had nothing to offer me at all when it came to treatments. At Anatara they have so much to offer. Moreover they treat patients like a person and not just a disease. When I came in for my IPT treatments, IVs and ozone sauna I often felt so pampered that it seemed to me as if I was the only patient they were tending to.

I am deeply grateful that I was led to find the Anatara clinic and my sincerest gratitude goes out to all the wonderful staff who are working there. Thank you!

– G. Walling

“Thanks for your wonderful care this year. You guys do a great job – happiest experience involving doctors I’ve ever had! Well done, great job.”
– JC

“Dr. Bonnist is wonderful! She’s detailed, patient and thoughtful in her approach. I feel well cared for at Anatara.”

“The front desk is always polite and attentive, greeting me with a hello. All of the staff are very friendly and professional. They remember who you are each time and it gives the patient confidence in the quality of care one receives at Anatara.”

“State of the art, non-toxic protocols. Knowledgeable, progressive, fully integrative, results oriented, individual health planning and caring.”

“Very friendly staff and patient with me. Very comfortable waiting room. Extremely thorough ND, (Carine Bonnist) and wonderful time spent with Dr. Herskowitz. I feel very comfortable and confident I am in very good hands. Also a very caring IV technician. I look forward to working with everyone in my pursuit of good health in such a caring and professional environment.”

“Individualized patient treatment plan, friendly doctor and staff, treatment I can trust to help me and not hurt me.”

“I was considering going to a naturopathic endocrinologist for my thyroid problem but my gut feeling kept telling me to go to Dr. Herskowitz and I am glad I listened to my gut! I wish I met Dr. Herskowitz 7 years ago because I kept telling the last 4 medical doctors that I had been exposed to mold and they just listened and did nothing about it. I told Dr. Herskowitz about being exposed to mold and not only did he listen but now I am actually being treated for mold.

I have already referred one of my friends to Dr. Herskowitz and he has thanked me several times for referring him to Dr. Herskowitz. He feels that the doctor will be able help him with pain that he has been suffering from for the past 21 years. I will keep referring patients to the Anatara Medical team!”

“Dr. Herskowitz and your team is very friendly, kind, compassionate, and caring. I feel very lucky that I found a physician like Dr. Herskowitz. He listens intently to all of your health problems orders several blood test so he can figure out what is wrong with you. I went to four medical doctors and told them that I had been exposed to mold and none of them ordered the necessary blood tests to see if I had been affected by mold. I have already recommended Anatara Group to a friend who will be calling tomorrow.”

“Everyone is so pleasant and together making a visit great – not an ordeal!”

“Thank you (and everyone there) for your prompt and effective care. A welcoming and genuinely supportive environment is often an overlooked but integral part of someone’s healing, and I for one think your office and staff provide this extremely well.”

“I have told my friends in the Bay Area and Monterey Bay Area about Anatara because of the holistic approach to overall health which I have come to subscribe to. Also, as I get healthier, I know I can trust Anatara to inspire me to optimum health which I have sometimes lost sight of. Most importantly, the emphasis on detox by Anatara is very key for me – I have begun to see that many conditions are a result of toxicity and inflammation and so Anatara’s focus on reducing toxicity and inflammation is promising for so many people. Seems like all doctors should be able to advise on detox, but it is actually rare! Dr. Herskowitz is so well-informed and knowledgeable, sometimes he anticipates what I am going to say like a mind reader, and he is cautious, thoughtful and therefore accurate about what he prescribes. Dr. Herskowitz really cares about his patients way beyond profit. I will never forget that he provides discounted services when he can or tells me where to get products more affordably, and that one Thanksgiving Eve phone consultation, at the end of the call, he told me he wouldn’t charge me and it was a Thanksgiving present. I am deeply touched when I think about how much he cares, how globally and selflessly he cares, and also that this attitude seems to be reflected in his staff who are hardworking and happy to help in the healing process.”

“My daughter has been suffering from Lyme Disease for more than 10 years.  Her symptoms have been debilitating.  Since we began treatment with Ahvie Herskowitz, M.D. and his team at Anatara Medicine we have seen remarkable improvement in her overall health and wellbeing.  Dr. Herskowitz’s cutting edge blood/ozone therapy has slowed down the progression of her illness as well as all symptoms exacerbated by the disease.  We are forever indebted to Dr. Herskowitz and his excellent staff for the care and compassion that they have extended to my daughter.

With deepest gratitude, DF”

“The most precise nutritional recommendations I have ever received.”

“My energy grows each day which is wonderful; I ache less in general; stomach problems appear to have resolved. I continue to rave about the effects of my treatment. Thank you again for everything.”

“Your staff were incredibly welcoming.  I couldn’t have asked for more. I’m sure my treatment will bear fruit for the rest of my life.”

“I have been seriously ill for 7 years. For the first time, I feel I am truly cared for.”

“I was suffering from severe symptoms for many months and was dispirited.  Two weeks on herbs and diet and I finally have relief and a new sense of hope.”

“A beautiful office environment that put me immediately at ease—caring and compassionate practitioners all focused on me, each from their different perspectives. The sense of calm was amazing.”

“This is the first time in years that I am no longer feeling cold. I don’t know how, but I can feel a deep warmth inside.”

“This is exactly the form of medicine our society needs right now.”

“After two weeks on my new diet, I feel great. No more symptoms. I am sleeping better for the first time in years.”

“It was so enlightening to be shown precisely what food I should be eating. Incredible information to have.”

“The two days at your classic facility surrounded by a wondrous circle of knowledge, depth of caring and concern were felt to the depth of my soul.”

“I saw one of world’s foremost acupuncturists at Anatara. In addition to their seasoned staff, they have incredible visiting master practitioners.”

“Anatara is the first medical group that understood how important excelling in competition is to me, and offered unique insights into my physiology.”

“Absolutely incredible. The best medical assessment I ever experienced.”

“I wanted to thank you for your efforts in putting this much needed program together.”

“My two-day assessment was very intense and gave me insights into my health I would have never arrived at myself.”

“It was an inspiring day that will have a long lasting effect on my life. You can feel the wisdom behind this practice.”

“The Anatara program attracts the best practitioners and advisors. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to participate.”

“Having lunch with 8 practitioners and listening to their combined wisdom was inspiring and healing.”

“They can achieve results where others cannot.”

“Grateful for the opportunity to interact with brilliant healers and very interesting other patients being treated during my stay.”

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