Patient Testimonial

“Being accepted as a patient at the San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center is like climbing into a large soft bed and being covered with a lovely light and warm quilt.  The level of attention and care is the kind of medical experience people dream of.  From the first day, I was impressed with the level of medical expertise by all and particularly Dr. Herskowitz who is, as one of the staff, who is highly regarded for her skills, expressed it, “a thrill to be in the presence of as he is a world class doctor.”

The Stem Cell procedure that I underwent was thoroughly and patiently explained to me by Dr. Herskowitz, and he answered all my questions.  His professional demeanor and intelligent speech made me comfortable that I was in the right place. I felt that I could relax as I was being cared for by the best.

Because of my heart issues, Dr. Herskowitz had a CRNA brought in to aid in the procedure and watch me afterward.  I had been a bit apprehensive because of my heart problems but felt safe and happy throughout the entire time.

It could not have been a better experience.  I highly recommend Dr. Ahvie Herksowitz and the San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center. It is the finest example of medicine as it should be practiced today.”