Could Stem Cell Therapy Replace Chemo?

Chemotherapy is the most commonly used cancer treatment in the United States. The goal of chemo treatments is the attack and kill the cancer cells. However, the chemo doesn’t just stop there — treatments also affect normal, healthy cells and can cause a whole host of problems. While chemotherapy is vital to the treatment of cancer today, scientists are always looking for new ways to heal without hurting the rest of the body.  

Researchers at the University of California in Irvine may have a solution. According to their published work, the researchers used engineered stem cells that are “coded” to detect the stiff nature that is characteristic of cancerous tissue. Their study focused the treatment on mice that had metastatic breast cancer that had spread into the lungs. Metastatic cancers, meaning those that have spread to other parts of the body, are responsible for nearly 90 percent of deaths related to cancer, according to the study.

The study showed success in treating the mice, and the UC Irvine researchers say their method will be able to treat many types of cancer because stiffness of tissue is a common characteristic in many solid forms of tumors. The researchers also said they will continue their work to use this treatment in cancer, fibrosis and even in diabetes.

Although stem cell therapy is not available as a treatment option for cancer yet, it is being used to treat many other conditions such as arthritis, urological diseases, heart and lung problems, autoimmune disorders and even neurological diseases. To find out how Dr. Herskowitz can use stem cell therapy to help treat your unique case, call us today at the San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center at 1-800-318-6006.