The 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

There’s nothing like the exhilarating rush of pushing your body to its limits while competing in a sport. Not only is it great for your body, but research shows it’s also great for your mental health because it relieves stress.

Injuries can be frustrating and painful, especially if they take you out of the game. Here are five of the most common sports injuries and a few tips on how to avoid them.

No. 1: Knee Injuries 

Knee injuries are so common that they make up about 55 percent of all sports injuries. The knee is such an imperative part of the basic mechanisms of moving and walking on a daily basis that a knee injury can have a serious impact on daily life.

No. 2: Shoulder Injuries 

A dislocated, sprained or strained shoulder occurs often in sports like tennis, swimming and baseball, among others. It can occur suddenly and painfully, or develop over time due to overuse.

No. 3: Ankle Injuries 

It seems like ankle injuries are almost inevitable in sports that require quick start and stop movements, jumping, and moving from side to side. Sports like basketball, volleyball and hockey see an extremely high number of ankle injuries every year.

No. 4: Shin Splints 

Especially common in runners, shin splints are painful injuries that can occur as a result of repeated foot impact on a hard surface. When the muscles, tendons and bone tissue become overworked and inflamed, pain occurs along each side of the shins.

No. 5: Elbow Injuries 

Injuries to the elbows such as tennis elbow account for around 7 percent of all sports injuries. Just like many sports injuries, they can occur as the result of a sudden, painful injury or progress gradually from overuse. Golfers and tennis players experience elbow injuries more than any other athletes.

The keys to avoiding most sports injuries are stretching and taking it slow. Be sure to stretch before and after every practice, game or physical activity. Work your way up to intense workouts. Start slow so your muscles can strengthen gradually.

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Meta-description: Sports injuries can be painful and frustrating.

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