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Celebrating ACAM’s 50th Anniversary

Dallas, Texas May 17-18, 2024

ACAM’s 50th Anniversary meeting will help MDs prepare for the future promise of medicine… if there is to be “promise”. This will require practical, usable knowledge, which ACAM believes in and brings forth the experts allowing each to teach in their own way. We strive to bring health, joy and success to our integrative community and patients.

This 50-year celebration in Dallas will also feature our important history through awards and interviews with many of our amazing leaders and influencers over the years. From Chelation, Oxidation, Nutrition, IV therapies (and more) we’re inviting many of our peers to participate. Please join us and the pioneering individuals and experts who all are a part of the fabric in ACAM’s rich history.

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Advanced Chelation Training & Certification Exam Thursday May 16th, 2024

Advanced Chelation Training & Certification Exam

Thursday, May 16, 2024 – Dallas, Texas

Whether you’re new to detoxification education or are a seasoned practitioner, ACAM’s rigorous training will enhance your practice’s treatment options and improve health outcomes. Developed in 2009, ACAM’s Certified Chelation Therapy (CCT) designation is the gold standard for Chelation Therapy Certification. As the recognized leader in heavy metal detoxification/Chelation Therapy education, ACAM works diligently to ensure our curriculum is robust, relevant, and of the highest caliber. Our Advanced Chelation Providers (CAP) course covers a broad spectrum of detoxification topics like biochemistry. Our faculty ensure scientific rigor, complete understanding, and safe, practical application of therapy to maximize health worldwide.

Following completion of the Advanced Chelation Training, you will have the opportunity to take the Chelation certifying exam.

ACAM’s certifying exam was developed using state-of-the-art psychometrics, robust question development and the academic rigor necessary for a certification program.