Founder’s Statement

We are entering another renaissance period in Medicine. Our knowledge base is currently exploding with the convergence of molecular science, information technology and diagnostic medicine. Yet from our perspective, there are patients that require higher order therapies—therapies that support the patient’s entire “biosystem”, rather than focusing on managing a single mechanism, a single receptor or a single symptom. The most elegant new approaches will come from new strategies to strengthen and catalyze the body’s own repair mechanisms. These highly orchestrated repair systems have many hundreds of pathways to get positive results, but each of us has different ways of achieving this, and, in many patients these systems are failing.

One higher order therapy is the use of autologous stem cells—concentrations of cells created by our body to generate repair of damaged tissues. From specific conditions such as degenerative joint and muscular conditions, heart and lung disorders, to those affecting the brain, immune and hormonal systems, to optimization of systems allowing us to age more gracefully, with our growing experience with stem cell infusions, we are currently making important observations, and rapidly entering into a new and exciting generation of experience with the safe use of stem cells.

There is much to learn using this safe technology and we are eager to provide the best experience possible. The San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center, as an affiliate of the Cell Surgical Network (CSN), we have assembled an excellent group of practitioners and scientists from diverse fields, who can, for the first time, think as a disciplined and determined single unit. Together with the Founder’s of the CSN and all our affiliated member sites, we have established a unique convergence of the best of different medical fields. The strategy was designed from the outset to provide better healthcare while advancing overall knowledge. We ask how best to assess each patient, how best to treat and optimize each patient, how best to predict outcomes and how best to prevent adverse outcomes.

We strongly believe that this approach represents our greatest hope for a healthier future. It’s based on a deep regard for the wisdom of our sages and mentors, as well as the most recent computerized and molecular research. It’s truly interdisciplinary, including patients and their families as active participants.

We stand on the shoulders of many giants, both practitioners and patients alike, with respect and gratitude for their powers of observation, their humble beginnings, and their thirst for knowledge and truth. We share that thirst. Following these principles, we can achieve great things together.


Ahvie Herskowitz, MD, Founder