Pain Management


A comprehensive approach to addressing pain and inflammation

Pain Management is dedicated to treating acute, sub-acute, and chronic pain. The goal of pain medicine is to improve quality of life and help patients return to everyday activities with little to no invasive intervention.

Pain is generally classified as being acute or chronic. Acute pain begins quickly or suddenly and may be severe. Chronic pain is persistent and may be mild or severe, and is generally defined as pain lasting longer than 6 months.

Anatara’s practitioners work to find the source of your pain. When did the pain start, and is it associated with an event such as injury? Has it changed in intensity, duration, and what do you do that alleviates or aggravates your pain? Is your pain associated with inflammation or changes in hormone status? We will ask you to keep a pain journal as this information helps us generate an individually-tailored pain management plan to provide you with the relief you need and restore your quality of life.

Anatara Pain Management techniques include a comprehensive approach to addressing pain and inflammation:

  • Clinical Medicine Evaluation
  • Osteopathic Assessment
  • Naturopathic Assessment
  • Five Element Acupuncture
  • Mind-Body Medicine
  • Chiropractic Evaluation and Adjustment
  • Nutritional Evaluation and Dietary Recommendations

We tailor each package to meet your needs with the array of natural healthcare modalities we offer, and will work closely with you to help you realize your goals. Please visit our Regenerative Medicine page for more information on the many services we offer.

Please call 415.345.0099, email, to set up a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation so we may determine how our programs may fit your specific needs. Our staff will be delighted to answer your questions.

Patient Testimonials

75-year-old male treated with PRP to his ankle
Received PRP single joint injections to his ankle, and 6 days post procedure, he is feeling great! He was slightly swollen immediately after the procedure, but the swelling went away within 1.5 days. He works out regularly, and after the longer work outs, he feels as though his ankle is more swollen and tight.  He can flex his foot back and forth.  He felt that the muscle on the left inner part of his ankle was tight, but it was not a sharp pain.  He feels as though he has to learn how to walk without a limp now! Overall, he feels the positive effects, and he is also using the Renu 28 regularly, 3-4 times a day.

60-something with poorly-healed Orthopedic Injury
“For 5-6 years, I have sought help for severe ankle pain, muscle weakness in the ankles, limited mobility, and limited range of motion. That journey has included many highly-regarded orthopedists, podiatrists, and prestigious sports medicine practitioners on the west coast…

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