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Some of our therapies are not FDA approved. During your personal consultation the benefits and risks for any therapies recommended for you will be reviewed at that time.

At Anatara Medicine we offer a comprehensive, individualized approach to cancer care support based on your needs and desires. As recognized leaders in disease prevention, detoxification, and optimizing cellular health, we continue to pioneer new approaches to cancer prevention and supportive care.

Our cancer care support treatments are part of a holistic approach and not intended to replace or interfere with allopathic medicine approaches.

We focus on supporting your whole body. Our primary role is to provide adjunctive support treatment to traditional oncological therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The team at Anatara welcomes patients who require support during conventional treatment or that have already tried traditional approaches and want additional care.

A diagnosis of cancer can turn your world upside down, and it can be difficult to know what steps to take next. At your initial visit to Anatara, we will provide a system-wide comprehensive consultation, discuss personalized supportive treatment options tailored to your specific physiology, as well as strategies to track progress and prognosis.

Please contact our office today for a complimentary telephone consultation to speak with one of our practitioners to find out how we can tailor your treatment plan!

How Anatara Saved My Life

I was diagnosed Stage IV, endometrial adenocarcinoma (uterine cancer) with metastasis in early 2020. I had surgery shortly after and then pursued a course of low dose IPT chemo out of state through July of 2020. Two successive MRIs revealed lesions in my abdomen and liver that were growing. With progression of cancer, I turned to Anatara.

My first visit to Anatara was August 2020 under the care Dr. Lee, a Functional Medicine doctor. I began a mycotoxin analysis and mold detox program, attended practitioner-led EFT sessions and completed a Constitutional Diet Analysis. I started weekly IVs at various times over the course of the following year. Using the RGCC tests and Dr. Lee’s advice for guidance, I added many supplements and used their immunotherapies.

The results have been dramatic. In August 2021, my pet scan resulted in “no evidence of metastatic disease” which some call No Evidence of Disease. Very important lab test levels that Anatara was tracking continued to improve including my circulating tumor cell count (CTC). My Vitamin D level was boosted to 100. The level of mycotoxins in my body continued to drop. I feel absolutely fantastic and have exceeded the initial prognosis I was given. I consider Anatara to be my best kept secret.

I did have a bump along the way. In March 2021, I developed a small intestine blockage and was hospitalized. My western doctors said it could have happened to anyone, including those on full chemo. In my hour of darkness, Dr. Herskowitz was there for me, advising me, making himself available on his personal cell phone and keeping my hopes up. I recovered thanks to surgery and pursued a course of full chemo to be on the safe side. I breezed through chemo with hardly any side effects thanks to the support services at Anatara.

I cannot say enough about the entire staff of professionals at Anatara. Dr. Herskowitz is brilliant at reading my pathology, imaging and obscure lab reports. I really count on his guidance in outsmarting cancer and building a course of action. Dr. Lee is amazing in her approach to whole body health and supporting the immune system. The nurses are absolutely phenomenal and give me great confidence. The management and front office crew and all their staff help me with everything I need to build and execute a solid plan.

I am still on my healing journey, approaching my two-year cancerversary in Jan 2022. I am grateful for every day and grateful to the team that has supported me.

— D.E.

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