Peptide Therapy

Peptides are naturally-occuring short-chain amino acids that have been linked. They act as tiny signaling molecules that tell our cells how to behave. Over 7,000 peptides have been discovered, and many are now being used to restore and optimize cellular function.

Peptides are becoming increasingly more popular in Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine, with therapy yielding significant benefits. Part of the excitement and growth around this therapy comes from our ability to tailor to individual needs, including target-specific conditions and symptoms.

With the potential to rewrite bodily chemistry relationships and generate a restorative trend and homeostasis, peptides represent one of the pillars in the future of healthcare: applied to the treatment of injuries, combating illness, and enhancing peak performance.

Specific peptides can act as anti-oxidants, lengthen telomeres, reduce lipid oxidation, normalize cholesterol and uric acid levels, stimulate collagen and skin cell repair, and so much more.

To take it a step further, peptides combined with stem cell therapy become a potent combination directing the capability to regenerate and restore.

Peptide therapy starts with a consult and recommendations in the office, and then patients continue the therapy at home. Returning for follow-up every 3-6 months. Peptides can be part of your strategies to assist with conditions such as:

  • Anti-Aging
  • Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Wound/Injury (Joint) Healing
  • Increase Growth Hormone
  • Weight Loss
  • Hormone Regulation
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Cognitive and Brain Enhancement
  • Cancer/Tumor Care
  • Opioid and Drug Withdrawal
  • Stress Related Symptoms
  • Male and Female Sexual Function
  • Diabetes
  • Anti-Microbial


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