January 11, 2020

Aloha Ahvie and the Anatara crew,

Thank you all.

I am flying home to Hawaii reflecting on my experience with you’all this last week, and I wanted to write this letter in appreciation for all the things your work has done for me, though some of you may have no idea what they are. I also want to possibly be useful to the Clinic by telling other people my story, in case it’s of interest – so I’ve added that after this note of gratitude. Use it however you wish.

I want to sincerely thank all of you who worked with me during this last week, including Ahvie, Colleen, Ann, Greg, Christine, Ms. McGold, Angela, Pam, Naomi, Carmine and all you others whose names I can’t remember right now. I feel so fortunate to have found your help, and feel miraculously more healthy than ever before. I never expected this…though I wished for it.

I want to compliment what is a truly remarkable team of awake and compassionate professionals, helping patients like me make progress towards better understanding and resolutions of our unique health issues, whether critical or chronic. I left yesterday feeling buoyed by new information about my body and wonderful energy, with new things to do to improve and maintain my health, based on real and personally-applied science, and feeling charged and ready for whatever challenges come next.

Wishing us all health, peace, love and good luck.

Mahalo nui loa,

To Whom It May Concern: My Story Today – January 11, 2020

I am a cancer survivor – in 2011, an excellent surgeon in Seattle removed a squameous cell carcinoma tumor from my tongue (along with lymph nodes in my neck, which proved to be clear), and after consultation with my doctors I opted not to have chemotherapy or radiation. I’ve had an amazing and interesting life, yet I had no idea what was to come after that experience. In fact, it has turned out better than I could have imagined. I’m 63 years old now, and I must say that I have never felt better. In spite of all that is happening in the world that concerns me, I feel strongly that the intelligence and dedication to the “art and science” of health that I found at Anatara Medicine has improved my life immeasurably during a time when so many others I know in similar circumstances find themselves waiting… frightened and anticipating what is eventually bad news.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my closest experience of that curse was my mother’s death from an un-differentiated type of cell nearly a decade earlier. She was a dearly-loved soul to many people in addition to our family, and we miss her terribly still. In reflecting on that experience, I did not want the same thing to happen to me that happened to her – she died as a result of the treatment she had before the cancer got her. Hopefully she was more comfortable than if the disease had run it’s course, but in fact we will never know. Under the circumstances, she passed much more quickly than expected, and we lost essentially all of our precious time for closure, and that will always remain a tragedy for me personally and an injustice to the deep love we shared as a family.

When my treatment was complete, I resolved to do more than just wait for the next alarms to go off, as most cancer survivors do. I have seen too many friends do that, holding their breath for bad news until it comes, and then too often the circumstances are worse than before. Many times they don’t survive the recurrence. I know at least two people who have passed away since my procedure with the same cancer I had, because they opted out of any conventional treatment. I wanted to be more pro-active, but didn’t know who could help me do that. My MD is a remarkable doctor who saw me through my initial adventure safely, and I am still his patient, but he was not oriented towards the future medicine that I was interested in, and which is being discovered every day in quiet corners of the medical world.

As a result of my curiosity, I began to talking to people about their experiences, listening for stories that told of unexpectedly positive results. Among other things, I learned about the remarkable database of spontaneous remissions that can be found online, and became intrigued by the emerging field studying the psychological and emotional aspects of disease, including any and all practical things I could do to improve my odds of staying a survivor. It was during this time that I heard about two doctors who were having unusual results working with integrating solutions from different parts of the medical world, as well as protocols from different cultures of healing around the world.

I visited both of these doctors, and had very enlightening experiences in both clinics, learning a lot more about underlying factors and conditions that were unique to my body, and I did some treatments I had never known about before, as well as changing some long-standing habits (including diet and thinking patterns). Eventually I decided to make a regular adjustment in my life, and take the time to return annually (at least for a while) to visit Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz and his Anatara Clinic in San Francisco, to see what else I could learn. That was five or more years ago now, and that is why I am writing this – because the experience has changed my experience of this dreadful disease.

Most of us learn about the vital components of improved health, whether it’s exercise, food, pharmaceutical agents or natural supplements, from friends or the media, and then follow our instincts to treat ourselves with whatever we can get that we think might help us. Many times this may be correct – I believe our hunches are better than we know – but it is a still largely a guessing game. The difference I have experienced with Dr. Herskowitz and his team is the application of real science to finding the unique characteristics of my body in this lifetime – so that we can see what is actually getting through to my system and what is not – as well as a range of treatments (convergence) that combine to create extraordinary results. Among other things, based on the tests he has had me do during my time at Anatara, I have learned a great deal about my specific body, and have been able to add the molecules I am deficient in or missing to better encourage healthy processes, as well as ways to put them where they are best utilized for better health overall.

In addition, Dr. H. is experienced with utilizing the help that supplemental oxygen can have in aiding the process of healing (as in ozone therapies, for example), as well as many other inputs that can be given intravenously or through supplementation, including stem cells. I have watched as he has incorporated more and more elements of “resonance” medicine into his practice as they are developed, proven and available. I believe this is the medicine of the future, and it has been a gift to be among the first patients to benefit from the transformational changes that frequency and light can have on the body, for example. I won’t go on about the details – everyone’s experience will be different – but I really want to encourage anyone who is interested to take the opportunity to learn about this wider-angle approach to healing.

Because of his work, I can tell from a blood test now whether I have a cancer growing (anywhere) in my body, and that provides an early warning system most people don’t have. I learned from having had cancer myself that in many cases it doesn’t hurt – until it pushes against something inside or interferes with function in some way – so people often don’t know about it until it’s been there for some time. In my mother’s case, she discovered it after it had metastisized through her lymph system and was quite advanced. In my case, I was extremely lucky because I could see my tumor on my tongue, even though most throat and mouth cancers are not visible.

In addition, I have been able through further adjustments to my diet and lifestyle choices to improve my basic health markers, including blood sugar and blood chemistry, with the results demonstrated by the continued testing we do to see what’s changing. I fell a greatly increased awareness about the components of my health, and I feel the changes viscerally in my body, in everything from improved mental acuity to digestion and related issues. I write this to encourage anyone who is curious about non-conventional approaches to health to consider this integration of science and art. Dr. Herskowitz is an amazing detective, and has been a superb agent for improving many patient’s individual health.

I do not like the term alternative medicine. In my experience a better word would be complimentary. He calls it convergence – the merging of what works from many modalities. At Anatara they are delivered as a system of support for our miraculous bodies that are just waiting for the right conditions to heal. I’m sure there are other docs and clinics in the world doing work like this, and I hope this inspires you to find them and discover unexpected solutions for improving individual health.

The Anatara Clinic handles a great number of very serious cases – stage 3 and 4 cancers for example – because their work is helping so many who are past help with conventional treatments, but they have been a radically amazing resource for the likes of me as well, a basically “well” patient who wants to live a long and healthy life after having had a life-threatening condition. My gratitude goes to the whole team, a wonderful group of caring professionals curious about the leading edges of science and human heath. I enthusiastically recommend them as an essential health resource.

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