“The procedure was painless. By the time I got home, I needed to take a pain pill, but none since. The cells are settling in and there’s some inflammation so use ice packs, but no major discomfort. Just slept a very sound 10 hours! My energy of course is heightened due to the cell boost, so feel great! Dr. Herskowitz called me last night. But he and Dr. Melnik are excellent people/health oriented docs.”

Four Months SVF – Knee: “80% improvement, now can do rigorous bike riding and hiking, knee is so much better, and is happy and impressed with results.”

“I discovered that I had a torn meniscus in my right knee. After much research, I found that having surgery could ultimately end up causing even more pain in the future. Just prior to having the surgery, I was informed that Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz at the San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center (SFSCTC) & Anatara Medicine could see me for a consult on stem cell therapy. After much research I was convinced that the stem cell therapy could not only possibly repair/rejuvenate the torn meniscus, but that the side effects of the therapy could possibly repair/rejuvenate other health issues as well. Due to their thorough assessment, physical exam, and consult by Dr. Herskowitz et al, they developed a multi-faceted approach to my ailments. The pain and the collapsing of my knee almost completely dissipated immediately after the stem cell treatment. Additionally, my overall health and well-being has also greatly improved. I’m so very thankful for the tender, patient, care, and support that was provided by Dr. Herskowitz & his staff. He and his staff are genuinely interested in the success and well-being of their patients. They don’t just give a “quick fix” to something that’s wrong with the body and move on to the next patient. They do have a vested interest in their patients – proven by their follow-up procedures. At the SFSCTC & Anatara Medicine, they create an individualized plan of attack as they work in concert on various levels with the patient. The best outcome, ultimately, would be that the patient’s body could truly heal from within and ultimately work as a finely tuned instrument that provides many more years of enjoyment – pain free!”