Anatara Medicine Welcome to World-class Integrative Healthcare at the Heart of San Francisco Anatara Medicine has been open throughout the pandemic! We continue to see patients for immune support IV therapies and for advanced Regenerative therapy. Keeping your safety in mind is paramount to us, so we are taking all the necessary precautions for you and our staff. We also offer telemedicine to help and monitor your health from a distance. However, we are currently closed on Fridays (unless otherwise indicated). Call to schedule an appointment. Precision Health Genomics As Part of Clinical Decision-Making ACAM Webinar Given On 5/7/2021 with Sharon Hausman-Cohen, MD View Webinar Here We are continually bringing you the latest news in the world of integrative and regenerative medicine, new data and information, patient stories and testimonials, and more on our social media channels. Be sure to click and like us or subscribe to be a part of our online community! FOLLOW US! We want to continually provide you with what we consider useful and specific information about COVID-19. Get expert advice on how to optimize your immune system from Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz. Click here for information and updates. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Effects of Intermittent Fasting on
Health, Aging, and Disease
Reducing food availability over a lifetime (intermittent fasting) has remarkable effects on aging and has broad-spectrum benefits for many health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, cancers, and neurologic disorders. Learn More By Downloading PDF Rafael de Cabo, Ph.D. and Mark P. Mattson, Ph.D.
Dr. Herskowitz will summarize his own 10-year journey to understand the molecular mechanisms of why we age and how to prevent age-related physical and mental decline. A fundamental truth is that centenarians ultimately die from the same degenerative disorders that we die from, only 25 years later. They also manifest the first signs of chronic degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and renal disease) much later in life, into their 90’s. A growing elderly population and modern environmental exposures may present new challenges to fighting cancer. In this presentation, we will discuss “root cause” strategies and potential targets which are not traditionally addressed in the management of malignant disease. Science and Clinical Approaches
to Aging
By: Ahvie Herskowitz, MD Rethinking Cancer Treatment Using A Functional Medicine Approach By: Ann Lee, MD Bringing You Health Experts Who Help You Achieve Your Highest Health View Dr. H's presentation by clicking here. View Dr. Lee's presentation by clicking here.
Convergence Medicine Convergence Medicine layers in the best from
Energy, Molecular, Physical, and Functional
Medicine, along with Nutrition and Metabolism,
medicine that speak to a person’s innate
constitution. We call it Archetypal Medicine,
which helps us predict how a patient will
respond to different types of treatment.
Learn More
Peptide Therapy Peptides are becoming increasingly more popular in Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine. Part of the excitement and growth around this therapy comes from the ability to focus on an individual’s needs. The combination of innovative medicine and peptides are currently the gold-standard of Anti-Aging Medicine. Learn More >

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The parking in our building at 1700 California is currently open with limited spots, and walking up the ramp is required (unfortunately).

There is valet parking at Old First Parking Garage on 1725 Sacramento Street. The other options currently are the Holiday Inn, across the street on Van Ness, or street metered parking.

Coronavirus COVID-19

We want to continually provide you with what we consider to be useful and specific information about how to limit your risk to COVID-19. Get expert advice on Coronavirus by Immunologist, Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz.

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Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz is an international leader and educator in the field of personalized, precision and holistic medicine. He founded Anatara Medicine with the intention of developing one of the best integrative health care centers in the world.

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The use of sophisticated biomarkers at our center include genomics, measures of immune function, neurochemical function, basic cell repair functions, and measures of metabolism and detoxification.
Cancer Care Support
As recognized leaders in disease prevention, detoxification, and optimizing cellular health, we continue to pioneer new approaches to cancer prevention and supportive care.
IV Therapy
We address immune function and deficiencies, and work to enhance natural function a more targeted and comprehensive approach to health and anti-aging.

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We are continually bringing you the latest news in the world of integrative and innovative medicine, new data and information, patient stories and testimonials, and more on our social media channels. Be sure to click and like us or subscribe to be a part of our online community!


Slide My experience with Anatara Medicine was a very positive one. They are a Class Act with helpful, patient-focused staff. My own situation is immensely complicated. Because the diagnostics and treatments are cutting edge, I am in the midst of the early stages of that process, so I cannot comment on outcomes. However, I have found that the knowledge level is deep and satisfying, with a great deal for me to investigate further. They are committed, very well trained, and incredibly knowledgeable in the areas that pertain to my own care.

   — Grayce S.
Slide Dr. Herskowitz saved my life! My heart was failing, and after one treatment, my heart completely rebounded, and I was able to go back to work. I thought the cost of this treatment would be out of my reach, but to my surprise, it wasn't at all. Even if it was 10 times more, what's the price of your life? I'm saving to do another round to strengthen my heart further.

   — Jeffrey M.
Slide Excellent experience here. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and helped me immensely.

   — Melissa M.
Slide I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which is blood cancer disease. I had a bone
marrow transplant, and after the transplant, I was exhausted, my immune system was
low, my brain skills were not working well. I was looking for an alternative. I came to
Dr. Herskowitz on recommendation from a friend. After six months of treatments like
up-building infusions like ozone, and others, I feel incredible, I have so much energy,
my immune system up, and the best thing is that my cancer levels are in a holding,
they are not going up.

   — Denise T.
Slide The combination of skills and resources that are put together here are so unique in my
view, and in my opinion they should be more common, and their unique in their ability
to bring life back to people who are in much worse shape than I am. I am very proud to
present the notion to some of my friends that are suffering in much more serious ways,
in hoping they will come to this center as well, and follow-up in their healing with
Anatara Medicine.

   — Richard L.

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