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eye disorder testimonial

Liza Discusses Her Rare Eye Disorder

Liza Discusses Her Rare Eye Disorder Liza discusses her rare eye disorder, Anatara’s personalized care approach to health versus her experience with standardized care, and her progress since coming to Anatara Medicine.I initially came to Anatara a...

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medical testing testimonial

The Benefits and Necessity of Testing

The Benefits and Necessity of Testing This patient came to Anatara Medicine in the summer of 2022 with a medical issue that he struggled to figure out, regardless of going to many different clinics. With the extensive testing Anatara Medicine prov...

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Devon Hartman Testimonial on Bladder Cancer

From Healthy Athlete to Cancer Diagnosis

As an athlete for his whole life and a thirst for knowledge on biohacking and metabolic health, weight training, zone2 training, yoga, cold plunging, and watching his diet, Devon never thought he would get bladder cancer. The hospital said that if left untreated, he would have two years to live. And if he did the “gold standard” of cancer care (chemo, removing the entire bladder and prostate, refashion a new bladder out of his intestine, and more chemo) he would have a 50/50 chance to live five years. After a lot of research on solutions, he came across Dr. Ann Lee at Anatara Medicine, and everything changed.

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Happy senior giving her Diagnosis Testimonial

My Vital Life Force Has Returned!

I have continued care with Anatara Medicine because it is making a positive difference in my life. My vital life force has returned. My memory is restored. I can function again. I am more pleasant to be with since receiving treatment. I have energy. I laugh more. I am getting more engaged with friends and family. I look forward to getting together with people and doing things again.

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Jim discusses his wife's cancer treatment at Anatara

Cancer Treatment & More at Anatara

Jim’s wife suffered with stage 4 cancer and Jim suffered from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). After seeing countless doctors and specialists, Jim was pointed to Dr. Herskowitz at Anatara Medicine. It was here where through testing, treatments, unique care, and planning, he and his wife’s lives were changed.

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