Acupuncture originated in China and was used as a medicinal practice dating back thousands of years. Throughout the years, it has been debated, revamped, and improved upon – and has emerged as one of the few ancient medicines that has sustained the test of time.

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As such, Acupuncture has found a place in collaboration with Western medicine. The use and practice of Acupuncture can assist in a number of ways for body harmony and health. It is often used to treat pain, but it can benefit patients greatly by helping to support many patients and conditions including cancer. With cancer, acupuncture can assist the patient with the many side effects of chemotherapy – including pain relief but also for disease symptoms, prevention of illness, stress management, and more. Acupuncture is safe for patients receiving chemotherapy treatments, neuropathy, and that it might effectively and safely reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea in patients and improve quality of life.

Our Acupuncturist, Angela K. Lee, has 27 years’ experience in all these areas of expertise. She has a successful and longstanding Acupuncture practice providing Acupuncture and Health services in San Francisco since 1997. She is a 5th Level Instructor in South Shaolin Qi Gong and is in the Hall of Fame for 30+ years in Martial and Healing Arts and uses her expertise in both Acupuncture and Qi healing to assess and meet your health goals.

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The Benefits of Acupuncture

The important benefit acupuncture will be doing for most of our patients is to help prepare their mind and body for their therapies. At our center it is also used to manage symptoms of the patient. It can treat anything from:

  • body pain
  • stomach aches
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • numbness
  • balance
  • insomnia
  • tremors
  • neuropathy
  • circulation
  • and more

During injection procedures, acupuncture again helps prepare the body and mind to accept the non-invasive therapies, and helps target their voyage through the body. On the initial injection, the acupuncture will also help target and guide the therapies to their wanted locations. After the initial injection and therapy, a series of acupuncture treatments on a weekly to biweekly basis will help establish the healing-process to its full potential.

Acupuncture helps with the detoxing the liver and kidneys. It is also great for a patient who is getting heat or rash from a medication or food.

We typically add Acupuncture when patients are receiving their IV therapies. The setting is so that the patient does not need to disrobe, they may leave their clothes on, Angela only needs to access a specific body part such as the ear, forearm, or lower leg, as these areas represent the entire body so by focusing on a specific point on the ear lobe, she can focus the treatment on an organ or body system.

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