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Brain Tap HeadsetBrain Tap Technologies – Self-Mastery Technology (SMT), which is the MindFit Neuro-Trainer, a neuro-re-training to balance the brain. Using precise frequencies of light and sound waves, the patient wears specially designed headphones and glasses during each session, guiding them into a state of relaxation. Once the brain is fully relaxed, it can start to do self-adjustments. This helps the patient to reprogram their physiology and neurology to relieve stress, lose weight, sleep better, and many other benefits.

Brain Training and Stress Release Science

Light pulses are picked up by the optic nerve and even though the patient cannot consciously discern any difference, there is actually a slight frequency difference between the two.

Light and sound is used in SMT because this is the structure of the brain. The brain uses light and sound to create our space and place in the universe.

The idea is that SMT helps us to balance the two hemispheres of the brain using the light and sound waves being projected.

When the brain begins to synchronize, the body begins to synchronize. The brain is taken from beta mode and is guided with a very specific algorithm. They use the algorithms developed by Dr. Alexander Kaplan, the head of the Human Brain Research Group.

You can even experience this with sounds, where the harmonics can be the background guiding you from a normal state into a state of relaxation.

Once the brain is fully relaxed, it can start to do self-adjustments. Once the body knows what it’s like to be in the adjusted state where our innate intelligence tells us that this is normal function, we can begin to re-educate and reprogram our physiology and neurology to keep it that way.

Research indicates, one of the most important neurochemicals that is released during an SMT session is norepinephrine; in fact, research shows there is an 11% rise in the patient’s levels after just one session. And, research has showed that serotonin levels increase by 21% on average.

This helps the brain eliminate excess stress chemicals. And, an average increase in beta-endorphin levels of 25%, which is comparative to those obtained by cranial electrical stimulation (CES), which indicates a potential decrease of depression related symptoms when using photic stimulation.

Lastly, there are no side effects to this technology!

Retrain your brain to:

  • Relax
  • Lose Weight
  • Sleep Better
  • Quit Smoking
  • End Emotional Eating
  • Banish Stress from Your Life

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