Lymphatic Massage

Your vascular system has your heart to pump and move your blood system, which includes your very important white blood cells. Your lymphatic system runs along your vascular system, but the lymphatic system has no pump. It does have vessels, one-way valves and nodes, but no pump! The only way the lymphatic system moves is literally, temperature (hot and cold), muscle contractions, deep breathing, gravity, and manually through, i.e., these massages. As you can see, proper manual lymphatic drainage is vital to your health.

Christina MGold has been with Dr. Herskowitz/Anatara from the very beginning. When they met, Dr. Herskowitz was impressed with her extensive knowledge on the body, systems, joints and skeletal, blood and immune/lymphatics, and more.

She performs several different types of massages but mainly lymphatic massages. These can send your white blood cells to where the doctors want them to go and push the IV therapies into specific areas of your body, and can exponentially increase your immune system response for nearly every single condition.

The Vodder Method

Another type of massage she offers is called the Vodder method: Christina began serving patients with Vodder Method Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) in 1994. She was captivated by the power of the lymphatic system , our white blood cell immunology army to heal everything our bodies battle. The VODDER Method MLD appealed to her scientifically, logically, and kinesiologically. Christina has treated over 10,000 patients, (as of 2000) and follows the MLD protocol, whilst manually directing each patient’s army to best eradicate Dis-Ease . She believes the best approach to the body’s cry for help is an individual campaign . Each body is unique and requires its own special techniques for optimal health, which we calibrate as needed.

Vodder MLD is an ancient form of medicine that has been scientifically documented since 1932 by Emil PhD and Estrid ND Vodder. Based on science and physiological response that have proven to motivate your army to fight free radical cells, or unwanted cell conglomerates, and even tumors. They’re originally from France, developed clinics in Denmark and moved their teachings, with documented studies, through Europe. Innumerable studies have been done with a huge range of variables proving, again and again that our own immune system is the best defense against numerous armies of harmful cells that are continually attacking us.

Christina joined Anatara in 2010 to revolutionize the way we approach medicine. To test allopathic (western) medicine and converge with holistic medicine bridging the gap betwixt the two.

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