Health Through Nutrition

This program is for those who need temporary help beyond the diet due to the severity or the persistence of their illness or symptoms.

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The world of nutrition is constantly changing, and it can sometimes be a full-time job trying decipher which direction would be best for your exact situation. This diet or the other, one blog from another, which nutrition book is better than the next? Then applying the data to your specific circumstances, medical condition(s), deficiencies, genetics, genomics, allergies, the list goes on and on.

Our nutrition services provide dietary and lifestyle advice along with methods that will help you consistently and more easily, follow the correct advice for you.

Our nutrition consultations excel in providing you with a tailored evaluation, whether you are a novice and not very well versed in what is the optimal path to follow with respects to your nutrition needs or you are an optimizer who is up on all the latest research. We believe we can provide you with some new information that takes into consideration your recent laboratory reports and can help you to improve what you are already doing.

The Constitutional Diet

This program is for those who need temporary help beyond the diet due to the severity or the persistence of their illness or symptoms.

Sasang Constitutional Medicine is a personalized system of medicine. It is a valuable and cost effective addition to the work being advanced in medicine by genomic markers. Food is fundamental and can be added to any other treatment. This is especially true in serious illness, where the current technique is to tailor the treatment, but, essentially, recommend the same diet for everyone with a similar diagnosis, i.e. cancer, heart disease, diabetes. These diets are based on statistics like pharmaceutical prescriptions. But, with Sasang your dietary recommendations can be as individualized as your medical treatments. Plus, your diet can be tailored to work hand-in-hand with Western dietary science.

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The Five Elements

The Law of the Five Elements explains how everything in the natural world works. The Ancient Taoists discovered these laws by careful observation and contemplation of how the seasons change and how the elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood are always in a dynamic interaction. The same laws that apply to nature and the world around us also apply to our internal world and the forces that maintain our individual lives.

The following explains how this energy moves between each of the organ systems and describes specific characteristics of each element both physically and emotionally.

Wood is the energy of spring.

It correlates with the organs of the liver and gallbladder. Wood is nourished by water, controlled by metal and controls earth. Wood can be compared to the energy of trees, which need water to survive and be strong. In the same way the liver is nourished by the kidneys. When the liver energy is weak, too strong or has poor functioning this can cause the related emotion, anger, to easily arise.

When the liver is strong and well balanced this produces compassion and tolerance.

wood element
fire element

Fire is the energy of summer.

The heart, small intestine and the circulation of blood are the expression of the fire element. Fire is nourished by wood, controlled by water and controls metal. This energy can be compared to the sun, which provides warmth and vitality to all of life. If the fire energy is too cold it can fail to warm the body adequately and lead to a lack of vitality and enthusiasm. If it is too hot it can cause impatience and irritability.

When the fire is healthy and balanced one is active, warm-hearted, and confident.

Earth is the energy of late summer and the transition time between the seasons.

The energy of the stomach, spleen and pancreas is represented by the earth element. The earth element is nourished by fire, controlled by wood and controls water. This earth energy can be compared to the soil in nature. The emotions related to the stomach, spleen and pancreas are anxiety, worry, and excessive thinking. These can arise easily when the stomach and spleen are out of balance.

When the stomach/spleen is strong and well balanced this produces feelings of contentment.

earth element
metal element

Metal is the energy of autumn when the trees lose their leaves.

It is also the energy of the lungs, respiratory system, skin and large intestine. Metal is nourished by earth, controlled by fire and controls wood. When the lung energy is very weak, or excessively strong, causing imbalance, the related emotion of grief can easily arise.

When the lungs are well balanced this will produce feelings of courage.

Water is the energy of winter when most of life is dormant and in the seed state.

It also represents the energy of the kidneys, bladder, urinary system, lower back, lower abdomen and reproductive organs. The water element is nourished by metal, controlled by earth and controls fire. When the kidney energy is weak or has poor functioning this can cause the related emotion, fear, to easily arise.

When the kidneys are strong and well balanced this produces wisdom.

water element