Teamwork is essential!

Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration with each member of a team, we can bridge the gap between medicine and true overall healing. Allow us to be your support and together we will accomplish great things.

Marisol Ki

Nutrition Consultant

Marisol Kim is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Applied Kinesiology Practitioner, and Nutrition Educator. She received her training and certification from Bauman College in Berkeley.

She first witnessed the power of natural medicine at a very early age, when her grandfather healed her chronic digestive pain through acupuncture and natural medicine. Years later, as an adult, she began to suffer from ulcers, food sensitivities, allergies, and chronic digestion problems. Western medicine did not help her get to the root of the problem, so she turned to holistic nutrition with amazing and lasting success. This led her to a life-long love affair with the healing power of food and natural medicine.

Marisol is passionate about food and natural medicine. She is continually staying up-to-date on her knowledge and researching the latest information on health, nutrition and the psychology of eating. Her mission is to nourish lives through sharing her nutritional knowledge and experience with her community. She offers private consultations as well as educational workshops.

Marisol Kim