EBOO & Plasma Filtration and Detoxification

We offer EBOO & Plasma Filtration and Detoxification!

Anatara leads cutting-edge ozone-based therapeutics.

Our world, more than ever before in human history, has become increasingly and often irreversibly more toxic. Most people are terribly depleted in essential nutrients while concurrently being exposed to toxic inorganic chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and biotoxins. In turn, humans have become far more susceptible to chronic infectious diseases, chemical sensitivities, immune, endocrine and/or metabolic dysregulation. In the setting of such toxicity, patients now require more foundational and targeted treatments to achieve the same results that decades ago were solved with less aggressive medical interventions.

Although we have benefited from the great advances in medicine allowing us to prolong life, we now struggle more than ever with optimizing the quality of life (QoL).

Anatara Medicine is continuously leading the way with cutting-edge therapies to safely achieve improvement in QoL with longer term benefits for longevity.

Anatara offers advanced blood-based oxygen therapies.

EBO2 IV Therapy: New Advanced Blood-Filtering Therapy. Dirty Blood to be Filtered by EBO2 Device & Cleaned Blood returned from EBO2 Device

We offer EBOO treatment, which exposes blood to medical-grade oxygen (O2) mixed with ozone (O3-). This treatment is intended to enhance cell oxygen levels, blood flow and healing. Clinical experience and studies suggest it modulates the immune response to infectious disease by its ability to kill viruses, fungi, and pathogenic bacteria. There is literature suggesting that EBOO improves the cellular utilization of oxygen that reduces ischemia in cardiovascular diseases. Studies also show that ozone induces an increase in NAD+, which has a positive effect on overall energy, metabolic and neurological functions. It may also cause the release of growth factors that stimulate damaged joints and degenerative discs to regenerate. It has been reported to dramatically reduce or even eliminate many cases of chronic pain through its action on pain receptors. Other published papers on ozone therapies have shown healing effects on interstitial cystitis, chronic hepatitis, herpes infections, dental infections, diabetes, and macular degeneration. To the extent that ozone enhances tissue oxygenation and blood flow, ozone therapies relieve pain and inflammation and remove excess free radicals, which are key to rejuvenation and overall health.

patient with IV receiving plasma filtration detoxificationPlasma Filtration and Detoxification is a new cutting-edge application of traditional EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation) whereby we use a plasma separation filter to remove plasma instead of the traditional EBOO filter (designed to increase surface area of blood to ozone), while simultaneously ozonating the blood. Similar to more traditional EBOO, the procedure has an outflow line and an inflow line requiring an IV placement in each arm. The amount and concentration of ozone is significantly less than with other EBOO-based procedures. Due to the relatively low amount of ozone, this procedure is well-tolerated and beneficial for patients with multiple chemical sensitivities, complex chronic diseases including Lyme/Bartonella, histamine/MAST cell syndrome, post-vaccination injury and post-COVID/long-haulers syndrome. The goal is to be able to effectively and gently filter out inflammatory proteins, autoimmune antibodies and toxins trapped in the plasma portion of the blood in a safe out-patient setting. This procedure is significantly better tolerated versus hospital-based apheresis/plasmapheresis (3,000ml) due to less overall plasma extraction (400-700ml) hence faster recovery time.

How the Procedures are Performed. A basic venipuncture will be typically performed in one arm, with your blood then flowing through a tube into the machine where it will be filtered, ozonated, and then returned to enter your body through a 2nd venipuncture location in the other arm. The power of these therapies lies in both the ozonation and the filtration process. The process takes about one (1) to two (2) hours. The number of treatments will be determined based upon your condition and response to treatments; a typical course includes once a week for the first month followed by maintenance sessions or additional cycles every 3-4 months. The expected protocol will be discussed with you prior to your treatment.

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Remove Toxins, Boost Energy, and Be Healthy!

Introducing Plasma Filtration Detox Therapy! A blood filtration therapy that improves blood flow, cellular healing, and cellular oxygen utilization. EBO2 can increase metabolism, heighten energy levels, enhance your skin, and improve athletic performance.