Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy has historically been used to treat a variety of conditions. More recently, it has been used as a tool for enhancing anti-aging.

What is ozone therapy and its benefits?

Ozone is a vasodilator, this means it increases circulation and also delivers higher levels of oxygen to cells, tissues and organs. Oxygenation is paramount in providing vital components for healing, immunity and even anti-aging. It supports blood and liver detoxification, modulates the immune system and manages inflammation. It is one of our favorite tools for priming the body to receive other treatments such as nutrient therapy, cancer care treatments, and anti-oxidant therapies to manage oxidative stress in the body. It is administered intravenously or rectally. We also use it in our aesthetics and joint patients as part of an injection process for repair.

Pathogens of all kinds are anaerobic, meaning they cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. So whether it be virus, bacteria, fungus, yeast, mold, etc., ozone can be a very effective and safe treatment option to not only treat these conditions but protect us from contracting an illness that could eventually require antibiotics or bigger drugs with potentially harmful side-effects.

Ozone can also be used as a great tool for maximizing athletic performance and recovery. Ozone has the ability to repair and regenerate tissue after an intense workout or race or competition. It can give an aerobic advantage for endurance and can also work synergistically with other performance treatments such as PEMF, nutrition, cryotherapy, hyperthermia and more.

In this same way, ozone can be considered an anti-aging method to decrease degeneration of cells and tissue keeping not only our internal organs healthy, but allowing our skin, hair and nails to also stay vibrant and youthful.

Ozone Basics

Ozone Therapy was first used medically in the mid-1800’s as a sterilization method in operating rooms. Later, it was used as a treatment for a wide variety of illnesses including tuberculosis. It is now commonly used to treat disease and enhance anti-aging.

Ozone can be administered intravenously (IV), via injection, vaginally, rectally and even locally to an area like a toe or hand to aid in the healing process. These therapies typically take 15-60 minutes per session, depending on the delivery method. As the blood is inundated with oxygen and ozone, it creates a balanced environment within the body regulating the immune system, stabilizing inflammatory conditions, reducing pain and expediting healing. Ozone therapy provides an overall (holistic) approach to aging and disease. While the benefit of ozone in the bloodstream and organs is currently being researched, new facts are coming to light regarding using Ozone Therapy as a safer alternative to conventional medicine.

Our practitioners will discuss the potential benefits and risks of ozone therapy with you. Different doses and concentrations are typically used for intravenous ozone, which is often called MAH or major autohemotherapy.

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What can I use ozone therapy for?

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps liver cleansing
  • Supporting therapy for cancer patients
  • Improves circulation problems
  • Helps fight against and prevent infections
  • Useful for anti-aging
  • Helps manage chronic fatigue syndrome and stress
  • Supporting therapy for cardiovascular disease
  • Viral illnesses such as hepatitis B and C, shingles, cold sores and flu
  • Treatment of wounds, acne, psoriasis
  • Rheumatic illnesses
  • Supports diabetes therapies
  • Allergies
  • Joint stiffness

For Prevention

Stress proves to be our biggest antagonist, lowing our ability to fight infection and disease. Varying sleeping patterns, hectic schedules, grueling requirements, lack of exercise, and proper nutrition pose the largest risk for getting sick. Especially for the people who have on-the-go schedules, we suggest getting an Ozone Therapy regularly to prevent further breakdown beyond the normal aging process. Ozone Therapy is a buffer to the many contagions the confined work spaces expose us to. And, as mentioned above, Ozone provides an interesting approach to performance and anti-aging. An interesting side-effect of ozone therapy is a clearer complexion, and sometimes is the main reason for using ozone!

healthy skin on a middle aged woman
Healthy women outside

As An Immune Booster

There are always life stresses that can affect our health, whether traveling, working long hours, being around people who are sick, and more. Ozone Therapy is an option worth considering. The oxygenating boost the Ozone Therapy gives to our immune system is widespread and often more effective and efficient than other conventional methods.