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As women get older, hormone levels vary due to menopause, pregnancy, or age and can affect their physical appearance, mood, and overall sexual wellness. To help promote women’s overall health, our treatments can promote mood, boost energy levels and sexual function, stimulate cognitive functions, and more.

The female benefits of optimization are:

  • enhancement of arousal and orgasm
  • increased confidence
  • increased lubrication
  • tighter introitus – vaginal opening
  • elimination of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes
  • revitalization of vaginal and clitoral function
  • brain enhancement
  • skin revitalization and rejuvenation
  • increased bone density
  • decreased urinary incontinence
  • reduced vaginal pain with intercourse

Treatment Options

Since our approach is to look at overall health and causes of symptoms or conditions, we take a multi-layered approach to Sexual Wellness. We provide expertise in several different treatment options, utilizing the convergence of Eastern and Modern medicine. Our preferred treatment options are as follows:

Colleen Galvin is an extremely experienced and talented health and wellness specialist. She is a licensed Physician Assistant (PA). Colleen holds degrees from the University of Osteopathic Medicine, the Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, and a doctorate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

She uses a diverse range of treatments to personalize her care for each patient. She has a specialized knowledge of advanced regenerative aesthetic treatments, male and female sexual health, bio-identical hormones, weight loss, sports medicine, functional, regenerative and oxidative medicine, neurotransmitter therapy, osteopathic manipulation, orthopedics, and acupuncture.

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